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We are the Elite Credit Repair company in the industry. We deliver the most personalized and professional credit repair services in the industry.


We back this up with a 200% Money Back Refund Policy. Credit repair isn’t a one size fit all business.  Every client is different, so every client is treated with a plan built specifically for their needs.


We can help you!


Credit Brokers has taken steps to ensure every single client receives the best of all services we provide. We are confident in our ability because we have a rigorous certification program designed to take your personal financial circumstances and objectives into account and match them to available options.


Our Credit Manager and Processors along with all Upper Management participate in mandatory continuing education which ensures that our professional team remains up to date and certified on all credit issues and regulations put forth by all state and federal regulatory institutions.


Our organization is open to both random and appointed state and federal audits of files to ensure we are always far above compliance. To the consumer this means you can rest assured that we are dedicated to this assistance program and that we will find for our clients the most efficient and effective path to repayment.

We offer to our clients the same day service and a 200% Money Back Refund Policy.  So, the pressure is all on us to perform. You won't find any refund policy even close to ours in this industry.


This is my promise / Credit Brokers CEO

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As our company has grown, so has our affiliate program. With that said, if you run across a Credit Repair Brokers in your market or on the web, please make sure they are affiliated with us. If they aren't, they are a scam and in no way part of our company.   If a Credit Repair broker doesn't have a marker on our map, they are NOT an affiliate with Credit Brokers.  If they do have a marker, then feel at ease to proceed.


*Money Back Guarantee if no improvement to your credit within the first 150 days.