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Be a part of our Credit Brokers family has an exclusive affiliate opportunity. You can earn Commissions for referring people to us, the nation's Elite provider of Credit Repair Services.


Our online affiliate program has dramatic results, proprietary tracking portals and a dedicated agent, you'll wonder what you did without us! Credit Brokers averages one of the highest Deletion/Fix ratios in the industry with an average rate of over 55% Deletion/Fix within 45 days!

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how it works step by step


To get started, fill out the Affiliate form at the bottom of this page. We will contact you.


We will begin the credit repair process with your customers and you can track the entire process.


Now you are ready to start earning for each of your referrals.

We do everything it takes to improve the client's credit and maximize results as fast as possible.

Unlike many other companies, Credit Brokers ONLY takes on clients that we can genuinely help. We also take great pride in letting a referral partner know that we cannot help out a particular client at the moment.


We do not purposely prolong the length of time clients are with us by limiting disputes, such as 3 to 5 a month per credit repository.

Who could be part of this program?


An average solar professional has 1 out of every 4 credit checks declined due to credit issues. Most solar pro’s simply let the client go and miss on a $3,000-$7,000 commission.


Now there is a solution. As an Affiliate of Credit Brokers, you can turn declined homeowners into SOLAR QUALIFIED homeowners. Imagine, having more installs, earning an extra $5,000-$25,000 per year while helping the homeowners reduce their electric bill by helping the environment. That is called a WIN-WIN-WIN.


Over the last 6 years, we have helped real estate professionals close HUNDREDS of escrows that were initially declined for credit reasons.


One of our top real estate affiliates closed an additional 7 escrows in 2019 and earned over $43,000 in commissions as a result of this.


You work too hard to find interested potential buyers/sellers. Let’s make sure that escrow closes.


The good thing about this affiliate program is that the benefits it offers can be taken advantage of by anyone who wants to earn extra money in their spare time. If you are looking to be part of a serious and responsible company; and at the same time to be able to obtain good profits, Credit Brokers is that company you have been looking for.


This is a good opportunity to start a new career in the financial world. If you are ready to do your best, we are ready to show you how you can make good money by being part of our family, the Credit Brokers family.





As our company has grown, so has our affiliate program. With that said, if you run across a Credit Repair Brokers in your market or on the web, please make sure they are affiliated with us. If they aren't, they are a scam and in no way part of our company.   If a Credit Repair broker doesn't have a marker on our map, they are NOT an affiliate with Credit Brokers.  If they do have a marker, then feel at ease to proceed.


*Money Back Guarantee if no improvement to your credit within the first 150 days.